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Impaired driving

Drinking-driving charges fall into five categories in the NC judicial system:

The five impaired driving charge categories expand to nine possible impaired driving convictions. North Carolina has five levels of punishment for misdemeanor DWI, with level 1 being the most severe. Most DWI cases are handled in Criminal District Court; aggravating and mitigating factors help determine the level of punishment. Multiple offenders can be charged with habitual impaired driving, which is a felony offense tried in Superior Court.

All of the possible outcomes in court are listed below.

Please note that one cannot derive a conviction rate by comparing the number of specific charges with the number of corresponding convictions revealed in the "County Data" link. Often, individuals are found guilty of a charge that differs from the original charge. This is illustrated in the tables accessible through the "Statewide Outcomes by Charge" link.

Please note that the year 2014 in the tables available under "Impaired Driving Court Cases," following the AOC reporting year, represents July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015.